Stephen Waller (bruised_blood) wrote,
Stephen Waller

Corporate Skull & Star T.Rex

Just a quick note for a couple of announcements. First up, my guest strip for Jamie Smart's 'Corporate Skull' is now up! You can find it right HERE!
Beyond grateful to Mr. Smart for the opportunity to draw one of my favourite characters of his. It was fun to step into someone else's shoes for a change...

Secondly, i'm incredibly proud to announce that my newest strip is now available in The Dandy! It's called Star T.Rex, and is inevitably, about dinosaurs in space. The Dandy is also available as an app on Apple's App store (too many instances of 'app' there), and i'll be appearing in the digital edition very shortly, so you have less and less reasons not to check it out. :)

Here's the inaugural strip, and I hope you all get to tune in to see more!

Cheerio for now!
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