Stephen Waller (bruised_blood) wrote,
Stephen Waller

New digs

Okay, it's all about to go a bit tits up around here.

Largely thanks to the late Mr. Steve Jobs' fickle attitude towards customer requirements, almost every comic hosted on this site is about to disappear by the month's end. Yes, that's right, I've been using MobileMe (aka & iTools) to host everything for the past 11 years. Comics, portfolios, websites, everything. Doofus.

I have now purchased new hosting and started in on the long and laborious process of relinking strips, but there's like 200 of these damn things to do, and Livejournal ain't making it any easier. To at end, I've decided it's time to move with the times, and get a proper site for all my comics. I'm pleased to announce that that's now humming away nicely right here:
Elsewhere Online.

I've been resaving out larger versions of all Elsewhere strips (now 1000px!) and they will all be hosted over there eventually (the Elsewhere link currently links back to here for now). Where does that leave this site? Well, this will still be my blog of choice to write my useless musings as and when they come to me. But the strips will be housed over there. They should be up by the end of the month, so nothing should go missing for any length of time.

ANYway. Thank you for your patience and I hope you like the new site. There's lots on there you might not have seen, particularly the full run of my first Dandy strip 'Saint Evils', a couple of bits of pieces of Star T.Rex and numerous others. See you over there!


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