Corporate Skull & Star T.Rex

Just a quick note for a couple of announcements. First up, my guest strip for Jamie Smart's 'Corporate Skull' is now up! You can find it right HERE!
Beyond grateful to Mr. Smart for the opportunity to draw one of my favourite characters of his. It was fun to step into someone else's shoes for a change...

Secondly, i'm incredibly proud to announce that my newest strip is now available in The Dandy! It's called Star T.Rex, and is inevitably, about dinosaurs in space. The Dandy is also available as an app on Apple's App store (too many instances of 'app' there), and i'll be appearing in the digital edition very shortly, so you have less and less reasons not to check it out. :)

Here's the inaugural strip, and I hope you all get to tune in to see more!

Cheerio for now!

Life is Dandy

So yes, you're right. This blog hasn't been very active of recent times. Elsewheres have been few and far between, and I can't promise that situation will change any time soon. To that end, i'm turning this page back into a more general blog of my activities.

And I have not been idle! After my successful run in Britain's longest running comic, The Dandy, earlier this year, it very much pleases me to say I'm back for more very very soon. I'm halfway through drawing another series of mini-strips which concerns Dinosaurs in Space. I shall say no more, but link you to THIS picture for your delectation.

On that note, i've completely failed to promote my brand spanking new Tumblr blog on here. It's pretty much totally image based. If I have anything to say verbally, i'll say it here. But Tumblr is a good place to throw lots of random things like sketches, birthday cards and strip previews. You can see all the stuff that's been keeping me busy.

Beyond that, I'm working on a guest strip for a friend of mine's comic, which i'm very nervous and excited about, and I continue to keep drawing strips in the hopes someone will publish them. And to prove it, here's one that didn't quite make the grade:

Readers with longer term memories might well recognise this gag from an old Elsewhere. Which just goes to show i'm not above bastardising myself. There's a couple more of these, and if nobody wants to print them at some stage, i'll shove the rest of them up here.

Thanks all, see you again soon!

Saint Evils

I'm beyond excited, delighted and proud to announce that I've managed to fulfill my 8 year-old self's fondest dream, and am now a properly professional and financially renumerated cartoonist, appearing for the next 12 weeks in Britain's longest running comic, The Dandy!

It's called Saint Evils, and you can read a little info of what it's about here:

And here's an example of a strip. This is one of the ones they rejected for being perhaps a little too dark for a younger audience:

Hat tips, multiple thanks and kudos to Mr. Jamie Smart for helping me have this opportunity. He's also responsible for much of the current awesomeness inside The Dandy these days, so SEEK IT OUT!
Cheers all!